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Evony Intelligence Troop Reduction Chart

Evony Intelligence Troop Reduction Chart

First I’d like to say that a lot of the ground work about intel playing a factor in defense was made by Birtles from the Evony Forums and you can find the orginal article by searching for “Evony Combat Calculator redux” if you are interested.  It goes in to great detail about the idea of using intel heroes.  I’m basically breaking down this knowledge into what you need to know.

War Heroes

The purpose of the war hero is for defense.  Intel in short reduces loses when it is the defending hero.  There are two types of war heroes you will want to make however this is no easy hero to make and would leave this type of hero until you’ve finished several attack and politic heroes.  You will notice on the chart on the side that it maxes out at 850 intel for archers, this is a long ways.  You can make two types of heroes for two types of defenses or both, however I’d start with the easier one.

  1. Mech Defensive War Hero – This is a great hero for someone running mech defense and facing players attacking their mechs with scouts.  Remember that mech defense depends on have having a strong attack.  I recommend that you have at minimum of 400 attack and 163 intel.  This hero needs to have the highest attack in the city.
  2. Compact Defense War Hero – Compact defense is all about protecting your melee troops in a war city and using your archer towers/range to shield troops since this is a city made to attack.  If you are getting hit and hits are being taken against mechs then your mech war hero will work just fine.  However if you are looking for complete damage reduction on everything you need a hero with 850 intel.  I’d suggest also having 220 ish attack.  Like above this hero must be the highest attack hero in the city.

 Comparison in practice

To gain your attention I’ve compared a simple scoutbomb against archers to demonstrate.  The defender first has no hero and then next has a full compact war hero with a corset on.  Damage reduction is roughly 46%, though full 50% is not shown due to already having level 10 iron working.  I felt it be a waste to demo my academy to prove this point.  Note that only small numbers were used to preserve troops however the numbers are all relative.  As a third test which is not shown, an attack hero over 1000 was used and had similar numbers as the report with no hero due to extremely low intel.

Evony Scoutbomb No Hero

Evony Scoutbomb No Hero

Evony Scoutbomb Intel Hero

Evony Scoutbomb Intel Hero

 What you need to know

You will notice I said that both heroes must be the highest attack hero in the city.  This is because by default Evony uses the best attack hero to defend, not always a good thing.  For this reason if you can afford to have 220 ish attack on your compact hero.  If attacks are out and it’s the only hero present then it’s no big deal however if attacks are inbound you will need to move or reinforce every hero not above that attack to a valley.  This hero is all about damage reduction, as long as you have a city big enough to kill each round of any wave in one hit this is perfect.  If you are expecting losses then you will need this.  Best part about a hero like this is it can reinforce anyone in an alliance as needed.

Building War Heroes

This is the type of hero you are looking for the highest possible combined intel and attack base.  Just because you have a 89 Mars intel hero doesn’t mean it’s a good hero.  Look for equally high combo.  I personally wouldn’t use a hero unless it’s intel and attack added up to be over 140.  If you follow the suggested attack on both heroes you can easily level them both without using any holy water.

War heroes to attack

There used to be this big hype about having intel cav or ram heroes.  These heroes have their place but generally speaking have little value unless you are facing someone with a very low troop count.  If they can wipe you in one round don’t bother.  It’s better to use an attack hero and just hit hard.  I wouldn’t bother wasting your time on this.  Basically don’t do it.


Don’t underestimate the value of this hero.  The reduction of losses on sequential attacks can be massive.  When defending the heroes reductions from round to round can be compounded and there is no accurate way to predict this.  In the scout bomb example, that was an attack that only lasted one round.  Though numbers are small against full waves we are talking much more.  I’ve created a chart to help you understand big picture of troops saved by multiple incoming attacks.  I’ve used the exact same ratio of 46% as seen in the scoutbomb example.  The first column losses of 25k could simply be getting hit by 1, 5, or 10 waves of scout bombs.  However the bottom columns indicates multiple huge losses from perhaps mech waves or jack attacks.  You will at some point make mistakes or have to absorb huge waves.  This could save you an incredible amount of troops and turn 10 million archers defending seem like 20 million.  Very few people will get this hero however it has great value.

Evony Damage Reduction with Intel War Hero Chart

Evony Damage Reduction with Intel War Hero Chart

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14 Responses to Evony War Hero – Intel

  1. barclay says:

    does a war hero have any benefit if you are scouted?

    • Vi says:

      No it does not. There is nothing you can do to prevent scout losses. The only thing is always make sure you have enough scouts so that scouting only last 1 round. If someone can kill enough scouts to push to 2 rounds you take greater losses.

      • Shocker says:

        Yes you hero does have a benefit against scouts and i beg you to prove me wrong. Your hero however does not have any benefit just by being scouted unless hes not even there but why not let them just see if you have the troops they’ll just run along and leave you be

  2. airforce102505 says:

    after reading threw this a few times some questions about implementation came to mind. is there any benefit to combining both a compact D war hero with a Mech D hero for example 400 attack with 850 intel (yes this will take a while lol)?

    Would it be smart to only level my pol, 2x training heroes and my D heroes (one per city) and keep all other heroes 1 attack level under my D hero? My thought process being they still are gaining xp and can be leveled if need be you will always have you D hero in charge when defending and it will save you a nominal amount of gold… just some things that came to mind. Chances are I’m way off but its only my 2end server.

    • Vi says:

      My suggestion on this would be to make completely separate heroes for this. Reason being is mech defense can be extremely volatile and is dependent on a high attack hero. I actually have 2 sets of heroes for this. I run my mech D hero as follows. Going over 163 Intel is not needed.

      Intel 163
      Attack 500+

      This hero can be especially annoying to attackers as it can take quite some time to break you if you are a good defender.

  3. airforce102505 says:

    so to make sure I understand what you are saying you have 2 Defense heros per city? all of my citys have at least 1 400+ attack hero but i have never touched the intel on those heros. I dont run compact defense in any of them atm

  4. MadGamer787 says:

    I noticed that none of the posts or replies take into count the effect that a corselet adds when combined with the strategem buff. If you take a series of EvonyURLs you may have and run them through dxal but reduce the defending heroes intel from 850 to 688 and add a corselet you will see that it is exactly the same. 20% of 688 added on makes it equivelant, the same goes for mech Intel heroes, if you are corseleted you do not need intel 163 for max trood reduction.

    • Vi says:

      Yes you are right. This was something that we discovered some time back however one of the reasons numbers were not changed is often intel heroes are reinforced. You may or may not have the knowledge of if that person has the buff on. If they do not coin then chances are they aren’t. Rather then get detailed about the buff I thought it better to go the team approach. I have never had to use the intel hero on my city, however used it other players cities multiple times.

    • Jus says:

      I apologize for being a stickler for math, but your calculations simply don’t add up. In order to get to 850, using a 20% cors. buff, you need an intel level of 708. I’m assuming evony rounds up. If not, then you would need 709. However, if you are red, then please keep using the 688 intel :-)

  5. airforce102505 says:

    does this affect also apply when your attacking with an intel hero?

    • Vi says:

      I would not attack with your intel hero. There are extremely rare times this could be better and it’d only be slightly better. It’s better to just hit hard with an attack hero.

  6. eacher says:

    what about using intel at 163 for mech hero might help expecially if rams are used in layers

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