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Hi everyone,

I’d like to thank the people that regularly visit and check the forums. Please keep spreading the word and we can help educate all people on Evony as this game evolves. I went through a period of several updated and stopped for a bit. I recently went on a long vacation followed by a career change that has taken up a fair amount of my time. I will be commiting some time to address new topics like ballista defense or mech defense as well as the importance of a strong intel hero among other things. Though I could write about this subject quite quickly I try to make sure I spend time and get the best quality posts I can for you. Also if you feel very passionate about a subject and feel you have something to contribute please feel free to put something together and we can see about getting it posted under you. Please email any articles / pics you’d like to contribute to I appreciate everyones support and new content will be coming soon. Thanks.

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  1. zen says:

    nice work,, keep up the good work ,, simple is best i find.

    what would be cool is a scout report of some big dude then show how to cap it.
    showing the combos needed for each hit and what they target.Also how to defend this.
    This would of been like golddust to me when i started playing.The pike bomb is a thing ive never used so thanks for that ill have to try it.

    Bcool Bsafe & Bhappy


  2. Vi says:

    Thanks appreciate it. I plan to eventually go over breaking down of a war city but know I must go over typical attacks before I can do that. I’ll get info out as soon as possible.

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