Evony Hero Experience

Hero Experience is more then a number

Evony Hero Experience - Fortifications

Evony Hero Experience – Fortifications

Now without diving too deep into the subject on this post you may have not put much thought into the fact that the hero experience can tell you much more then you think. When you start to pay attention to it you realize it’s more then just a number and it has meaning.

Pointing out the obvious

Evony Hero Experience - Troops

Evony Hero Experience – Troops

The most obvious thing people can immediately relate to is leveling.  Most everyone knows you get roughly 1.8m exp per level 10 npc hit but it’s more looked at as just a number that level 10 npcs give. Your heroes experience is based on exactly what you killed and nothing more.  There are no ways to cheat your heroes experience in Evony but ways to maximize it.  The numbers from these charts are the basis of many hero leveling methods, understanding someones defense blindly and deceiving another player.

Hitting a level 10 npc

Everyone should have hit a level 10 by now but what we are really looking for is the hero experience and what it consists of.  Now given what was killed and using the charts above you can see exactly how to calculate the experience.  You’re welcome to give it a try.

  • Rollinglogs – 2200 * 63 = 138,600
  • Archer Towers – 3666 * 54.5 = 199,797
  • Defensive Trebs – 1375 * 166 = 228,250
  • Traps – 6380 * 8.75 = 55,825
  • Warriors – 400k * 3.05 = 1,220,000
  • Total = 1,842,472
Evony Hero Experience - Leveling

Evony Hero Experience – Leveling

Attacking another player

The exact same principles will come into effect when attacking or scouting another an enemy.  Now given the report below we know that something was killed however not exactly what, simply because we don’t know what was sent.  This is an example of a blind report which you can still however see the hero experience.  I will post another article in the future about detection of defense as well as how to see if your waves are effective.  If you’re comparing math with the report below you could be thinking this was a failed attack, however you don’t know what they sent do you.

Evony Hero Experience - Blind Report

Evony Hero Experience – Blind Report

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9 Responses to Evony Hero Experience

  1. Bukowski says:

    The type and/or quantity of attacking troops seems to have an effect on the hero’s experience. Do you know how that fits into the equation?

    For example when farming NPC 5s with ballista only, the hero receives about 93,000 experience points. When you add 1,500 warriors to the ballista, experience goes up to something like 131,000 experience points.

    • Vi says:

      Can you post a report and we can look at the math together. More warriors means more traps to kill which means more experience. That would be my guess. Can you evonyurl and post?

  2. Bukowski says:

    It is amazing what reading the reports will yield. Your guess is basically correct. An additional 1,163 traps and 450 rolling logs were killed. This makes the difference when you add warriors to the ballista.

    With warriors
    battle154.evony.com/default.html logfile/20120219/e3/ad/e3adca5696f5e96abbcb698daed0a269.xml

    Without warriors

    • Vi says:

      Awesome. It’s good when you know the numbers all originate from somewhere. Now the next and challenging part for you and many will be to notice the numbers from blind attacks. You will commonly not always know what you killed but you’ll start to pick up on little things. One example of this is a scout bomb. You can virtually tell exactly what you killed based on the experience. Better yet it’s a great way to bluff you have a spy on their end to see their reports. That’s a post to come ;)

  3. vT says:

    If you’re hitting full strength level 5s, you get the most experience from sending the ballis/transports plus 3k warriors. This basically wipes out all defenses and troops and doubles the experience you would get from sending ballis/trans only. Works great to get a hero up into the attack range he needs to hit level 10s as quickly as possible.

  4. fallen says:

    Could you please explain this to me. According to the chart the killing of 107k pults should result in 107000*290 = 31030000 exp. However, the hero that kills those pults only gets 15942253 exp from the hit. Here is the same hit from both sides:


    not to mention that the attacker also killed 15679 ats = 854505 exp.
    Looking at the chart and the experience gained in the 2nd report it doesn’t quite add up.

  5. fallen says:

    OK, i’m going to try to answer my own question. Since it seems the numbers in the chart are confirmed by other sources, I am going to assume that the only condition you get the specified exp is when you kill those troops and _win_ the battle. When you lose, you must get half of the experience.

    Now let’s check. (31030000 + 854505) :2 = 15 942 252.5


    PS maybe it’s common knowlegde about half-exp gained from lost hits. I just didn’t find anything in the article about it and that’s why my initial calculations were wrong and confusing.

  6. Vi says:

    Sorry I didn’t get to this in time. Looks like you solved your own question.

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