Evony Battle Mechanics – Delayering

Delayering Evony Battle Mechanics

What this means is you are essentially delayering the attack wave before actual battle mechanic movement takes place.  You do this specifically with your fortifications.  How you do this will depend greatly on the attackers layering and if they layer too much then you cannot stop it.  However the good thing is most attackers will layer their cavalry 250,500 or 1000.  It is rare that you see someone exceed the extra troops because they are simply for layers only!  In fact I will common layer as low as possible so I can get the biggest hit possible.  Since I tested this several times over it only made sense to use low troop counts but the results will be the same on a large scale.  Compare the archers lost and the abatis lost.  Both reports are using the exact same heroes and starting with the same amount of abatis.


Evony Delayering Attack Waves - Success

Evony Delayering Attack Waves – Success


Evony Delayering Attack Waves - Fail

Evony Delayering Attack Waves – Fail

The rule with abatis is your cav must be able to kill 10% of the abatis or all are assumed dead.  If your defender cannot kill 10% it would be like them sending a pure archer wave only!  What this means is by going mass abatis you can make these waves completely ineffective!  One important thing to note is abatis have random trip rates and at minimum can only trip equal to the cav sent.  The maximum trip rate seems to be around double the cav but could exceed so bottom line, more abatis the better.

This is not just a tactic you can use against exchange waves but against other attacks, however if you are delayering mech waves make sure you understand the result as there can be certain times where them having no cav hurts you more.  There are several examples in “Evony Exchange / Tradefire Attack” that show abatis tripping at 10%(rounded)

For all those players who had unexpected mech waves, attacks, etc; this is why.  I’m sorry for playing dumb but I had secrets to protect.  If you’ve read this far then you know now and start using these tactics.  Good luck and hope your enjoyed it.

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  1. K says:

    I understand the principle of what the article states but the numbers have me confused. After reading the abatis breakdown page which states “so if you were to send atleast 10% of cav to abatis ratio the abatis break down at 10%.” is this not the same ratio you would need to get extra rounds out of the battle if you sent a mech for example. Your exampe above shows a 1/19.66 ratio being successful (for the attacker) which is just over 5% cav to abatis ration. The 1/20 failed and 1/19.66 was successful?

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