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Evony Battle Mechanics – Delayering

Delayering Evony Battle Mechanics What this means is you are essentially delayering the attack wave before actual battle mechanic movement takes place.  You do this specifically with your fortifications.  How you do this will depend greatly on the attackers layering … Continue reading

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Evony – How to manage your account

Account management First thing I’d like to start off saying is that everyone has their own specific account needs and this is a general how to guide specifically for your main Evony account.  I hope that you find this helpful … Continue reading

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Evony Spam Attack / City

What is a spam attack wave? A spam attack wave is when you send 1 scout and a very crappy hero.  It’s simple enough but what amazes me is how many players either don’t know about this or too lazy … Continue reading

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Evony Hero Experience

Hero Experience is more then a number Now without diving too deep into the subject on this post you may have not put much thought into the fact that the hero experience can tell you much more then you think. … Continue reading

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Evony Farming – Setting Up Farm Cities

Farming in Evony There is a lot of different tactics on how to farm and how to set up bases, with that said there is not a cookie cutter approach and for best results adjust your farming to the specific … Continue reading

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Evony War Hero – Intel

Groundwork First I’d like to say that a lot of the ground work about intel playing a factor in defense was made by Birtles from the Evony Forums and you can find the orginal article by searching for “Evony Combat … Continue reading

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Honor in Evony and Dumping it!

Honor is hardly something you want to have a lot of in Evony.  It’s reasonable to say you want to avoid it when possible or have the means to lose it quickly.  Fights are won and lost on honor because … Continue reading

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Evony Abatis Breakdown Rate

This is a very dangerous topic and chart because knowing this information can have a battle ended quite early.  A common evony tactic is for players to attempt to control someones defense by turning it into something the attacker may … Continue reading

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