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Evony – How to manage your account

Account management First thing I’d like to start off saying is that everyone has their own specific account needs and this is a general how to guide specifically for your main Evony account.  I hope that you find this helpful … Continue reading

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Evony Farming – Farm Hub

What is the hub? A hub aka a collector is a base that holds large sums of resources and is funded by several farm cities.  This city often doubles as a treb city and placed next to a player.  The … Continue reading

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Evony Farming – Cascading Guide

You’re farming well in Evony, now it’s time to ship the resources. Assuming you’ve read the previous guide and your cities are set up effectively and your next concern should be minimizing the risk at each city.  You do that … Continue reading

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Evony Farming – Setting Up Farm Cities

Farming in Evony There is a lot of different tactics on how to farm and how to set up bases, with that said there is not a cookie cutter approach and for best results adjust your farming to the specific … Continue reading

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Evony Politics Heroes (Double Queen)

If you want to be a great Evony player then you’re going to need big politic heroes.  This seems like such an obvious things to do but as I go through the game I’m amazed at how many people never … Continue reading

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Stay safer in Evony with a scout bomb

This game all comes down to little tricks someone is doing that you may not.  Time is important especially when the map is getting full and your enemies are trying to get near you with fillers or just to port … Continue reading

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Farm Items and City Teleports in Evony

It should be no secret to you that you can win items and city teleports from attacking and defending however did you realize you can win these items from a treb city? Now let’s be honest and for the most … Continue reading

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