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Evony Battle Mechanics – Compact / 5K Range Guide

Introduction The purpose of this guide is to help people understand the basics of battle mechanics.  This may sound surprising in a way but there are quite a few established players that only know what waves work but not the … Continue reading

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Evony Battle Mechanics – Delayering

Delayering Evony Battle Mechanics What this means is you are essentially delayering the attack wave before actual battle mechanic movement takes place.  You do this specifically with your fortifications.  How you do this will depend greatly on the attackers layering … Continue reading

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Evony – How to manage your account

Account management First thing I’d like to start off saying is that everyone has their own specific account needs and this is a general how to guide specifically for your main Evony account.  I hope that you find this helpful … Continue reading

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Evony Instant Defense

Instant Defense on the fly The first thing you need to know is that to use this defense you will need to have an instant politic hero and/or attack hero.  This is not a defense that your average player can … Continue reading

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Evony Combat Heal Rate

Healing When it comes to attacking and defending one of the most important factors aside from actual battle mechanics and the result is how much you are healing. To lose a million troops with a 65% heal versus a 10% … Continue reading

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Evony War Hero – Intel

Groundwork First I’d like to say that a lot of the ground work about intel playing a factor in defense was made by Birtles from the Evony Forums and you can find the orginal article by searching for “Evony Combat … Continue reading

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Evony Mech Defense / Ballista Defense

Common names or variations: Ballista Defense Catapult Defense Ultimate Defense Mech D Mech defense is a very strong defense as long as your attacker doesn’t know about it or know you’re in it.  This is a defense that requires you … Continue reading

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Stay safer in Evony with a scout bomb

This game all comes down to little tricks someone is doing that you may not.  Time is important especially when the map is getting full and your enemies are trying to get near you with fillers or just to port … Continue reading

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Evony Range or Compact (CD)

Knowing the defense someone is using in Evony will determine the best way to attack them.  Each defense has an advantage and disadvantage and knowing where to exploit each defense is the key to winning.  I will explain the general … Continue reading

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