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Evony Instant Defense

Instant Defense on the fly The first thing you need to know is that to use this defense you will need to have an instant politic hero and/or attack hero.  This is not a defense that your average player can … Continue reading

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Evony Combat Heal Rate

Healing When it comes to attacking and defending one of the most important factors aside from actual battle mechanics and the result is how much you are healing. To lose a million troops with a 65% heal versus a 10% … Continue reading

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Evony Patch 11/25

Fyi, Evony has put a cool down on moving from alliances.  This means if you drop alliance or get kicked from an alliance you must wait 72 hours to rejoin the same alliance.  This is a ridiculous patch and very little point … Continue reading

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Evony War Hero – Intel

Groundwork First I’d like to say that a lot of the ground work about intel playing a factor in defense was made by Birtles from the Evony Forums and you can find the orginal article by searching for “Evony Combat … Continue reading

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Evony Viof (Jack, Jaq or Phract) Attack

Common names or variations: Viof Dirty Jack /Jaq Pure Jack /Jaq The combination of the Viof I felt needed to be in it’s section because it is an advanced attack.  This attack can kill massive amount of troops if timed … Continue reading

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Evony Jaq or Jack Attack / Phract Smack

Common names or variations: Jaq Attack Jack Attack Phract smack Catasmack For the sake of the post I will refer to it as a Jack Attack as it is most often spelled that way.  This attack is one of the … Continue reading

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Evony Progression of Heroes

Leveling Heroes I am writing this post as more of a guideline on what heroes to focus on and when. Everyone has their own way of leveling heroes and if your way works by all means do it however you … Continue reading

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Power Leveling with Stone in Evony

This has been a subject many of talked about but few are actually ever able to do it.  Did you know that you can level heroes using stone and your fortifications?  That’s right, when you build a treb you get 83 experience … Continue reading

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Evony Mech Defense / Ballista Defense

Common names or variations: Ballista Defense Catapult Defense Ultimate Defense Mech D Mech defense is a very strong defense as long as your attacker doesn’t know about it or know you’re in it.  This is a defense that requires you … Continue reading

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Evony Mech Attack Wave

Common names or variations: Mech Wave Pike Mech (pmech) Loaded Mech or Scout Mech (lmech,smech) Mech Exchange (mex) Mech waves are extremely devastating if combined with a strong hero. This is one of the strongest attacks in the game because … Continue reading

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