Evony Abatis Breakdown Rate

This is a very dangerous topic and chart because knowing this information can have a battle ended quite early.  A common evony tactic is for players to attempt to control someones defense by turning it into something the attacker may prefer.  What happens is players will use breaker waves to “break” down the enemies fortifications.  This being of course traps, abatis and dts.  Traps and trebs are quick and die much faster then abatis so abatis is obviously the focal point here.

Evony Abatis Rate of Breakdown

Evony Abatis Rate of Breakdown

Here’s how this works, so if you were to send atleast 10% of cav to abatis ratio the abatis break down at 10%.  Sending cataphrax with this attack will double this number.  The issue of predicting this is that fact the walls have engineering and will regenerate.  I’ve done the math and done the testing and always assume full techs, if the defender does not have full engineering everything will break down even faster so this is worse case scenario.  Now it’s important you dont ignore the traps because you still need them gone to convert them so this is how i would send my waves.  These waves are simply intended to kill fortifications and will not be winning battles, do not send heroes in these waves that you cannot afford to lose.  The heroes attack or any more troops sent will not make a difference.  Be cost effective as possible.  This wave is called a breaker.

Breaker Waves:Cataphrax:300,Cavalry:300,Scouts:300

*special note, remember that you must have atleast 10% the cav to abatis they have to kill 10%. Basically 3k abatis:300 cav/phrax, 4k abatis:400 cav/phrax, etc

I cant stress how dangerous this information can be in the right hands.  Knowing how many waves it will take to convert someone from range to compact (cd) can completely destroy a defender if well timed waves are chasing these.  Breaks down the abatis naturally with arch rainbows or cleaner waves without them suspecting.  You can use teammates to time waves or take npcs around them to get the waves you need but remember they can always build more so time well and expect more to pop up.  This in theory could counter someone with an instant hero but like mentioned before would only worked if it was well timed.  Avoid helpers rebuilding fortifications this way as well but if you are gonna do this make sure this is to your advantage and that you can clear the base once in compact.  Make this a threat but not your only tactic.  When you can have someones base cleared before the first war report shows then that is impressive.  Have fun and enjoy the chart, it wasn’t easy. When you clear someone from several bases all at once it is referred to as an abatis bomb.

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4 Responses to Evony Abatis Breakdown Rate

  1. vT says:

    If gates are closed this becomes much easier. Hit with an arch wave or 100k cataphracts to clear the ATs and logs, then spam away remaining traps. Once they are gone, sending cavs at a 55-60% rate to the total number of remaining abatis will always clear them. For example, if they have 5k abatis, 2800 cavs will always kill them all…just put some scouts in that wave to kill any traps that might pop up.

    I constantly see players sending 20k cav/80k scout waves that don’t clear abatis. Something about the game mechanics does not allow “too many” cavs to kill all the abatis.

    • Vi says:

      Yeah that’s a good point I failed to mention. Someone closing gates, aka gate games can be a good thing for you if they do open as they can be caught off guard. If you are playing gate games make sure you have abatis queued and know you are safe to open with them in place.

  2. NightShade says:

    Valuable post, but 2 things I’d like to comment, and one light tip to add. First, when you’re ripping out abats to hit a city, and plan to use any sort of cavalry wave, make sure to clean up the infantry within the city using arch bows. Second, try to remove the AT’s so that they are not a nuisance when the abatis are removed.

    When you remove abatis, this does not necessarily put a defender into “CD”. As CD is dependent on specific ratios of scouts/warriors/swordsman to archers/mech, the defender may not be in this defense after removal of 5k. This is more accurately termed short range defense, in which the mechs in the defenders city will determine the range of battle.

  3. Finnick says:

    Just clarifying, cuz I usually just send 250 cav/scout its an easy number.
    Basically What you are saying is the amount of AB he has is the amount of Cav you need, but to send them in waves of 10%? 2500 AB you would need 2500 Cav or 1250cav/Catas
    Not including traps.
    About to try this with my alt to see if it works or is close.

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