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We appreciate you visiting and will try to provide the most accurate information as possible.  Our purpose is to help education new and veteran players on mid to advanced strategies.

We will not waste your time with what you need to farm npcs, what archers do, etc.    We are skipping the basics, so if you need basic information this may be to far along for you and I’d suggest starting at another site.  This information will come from big players to help educate and walkthrough tactics.

You will be able to comment on the information and ask questions on the posts.  Keep in mind that things in evony are dynamic and changing situations can make the information you think to be correct wrong.  Take the time to fully learn understand the concepts and you can become a strong player.  Like everyone else sometimes our information can be off or a detail can be overlooked, help us correct these details by posting and letting us know.  We will edit the pages to make sure the most current and valuable information is present.  We approve the posts so please be respectful and watch what you say as we are trying to help you.

Without further mention on the site but the game has evolved and often big players are receiving “help” or assistance resource wise from members of their alliance “feeding” them.  I’m not saying that this is right but it is part of the game now so some things may imply that.

Thanks for visiting and please comment often.

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